Fall 2017 Favorites

With most of the leaves off the trees, and sunset now before 5pm, we’re well into fall. Every season brings its own positives and negatives, as well as products, activities, and experiences worth celebrating. Here are some of my current fall favorites:

Smartwool Socks

I’m ALWAYS cold – regardless of the season – but it’s definitely worse now that temperatures are mainly in the 40s. Starting in mid-Ocotober, I wear my Smartwool socks nearly every day. I obviously love them for their warmth, but I also love them for the many different colors and styles they come in. These, these, and these are my (current) favorites.

I’m completely obsessed with this scent!

Salted Caramel Apricot Lotion

I recently shared this new obsession this on Facebook and Instagram. For no good reason, I stopped buying Bath & Body works products several years ago. I recently returned to check out their fall scents, and I absolutely adore the salted caramel apricot . I’ve been wearing it as body and hand lotion, and last week two people at work asked me what smelled so good after I’d put it on. I wish I had snatched up more when I had the chance, since I can’t find it on their website anymore…

The Day Designer planners have beautiful cover designs.

My Day Designer Planner

I’m a paper planner and to-do list kind of gal. I remember things better when I write them down by hand. Similarly, I don’t get nearly the same satisfaction from electronically checking something off my to-do list, as I do from crossing it off by hand. I’ve been using planners from Day Designer for a couple of years, and they meet my needs quite well.  I love the month-at-a-glance pages for planning ahead, and the daily pages include both an hourly schedule and a to-do list. They’re sturdy, have plenty of space, and come with beautiful cover designs. My only complaint is that they’re rather large, so they don’t fit comfortably in smaller purses and bags. Having a planner I like is especially important now that I’m working at two different colleges, often on different days of the week, while still juggling my daughter’s school and extra-curricular activities.

I love having an hourly schedule on the same page as a daily to-do list!


I’m often a late-adopter of all kinds of things, especially technology and social media. (I still don’t get Twitter!!) I had been on YouTube plenty of times, but I only used it as a place to watch shows I’d missed, or wanted to see again. However, a couple of months ago, I somehow discovered a whole host of videos and YouTubers I like watching and have learned from. My favorites include Crystal Tara, Classic Ashley, Chelsea Reviews, Veri Keri, and Be My Guest With Denise, and most nights you’ll find me sipping tea and watching some of their videos before bed.


When I was in my twenties, I loved candles and often had them buring in my apartment. But after I adopted two cats – and later had a baby – I stopped burning (and buying) them, for safety reasons. Now that my daughter is eight and can be trusted not to touch flames – and my geriatric cat does little more than lay in her bed in front of a heat vent all day – it’s safe to burn them again in our home. I love the scents and the quality of the light they make – especially since it’s cold and dark so early these days! I’ve mainly been buring Bath & Body Works candles these days, which do a lovely job of scenting one or more rooms while they’re buring.

What are some of your favorites this fall??

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9 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Favorites”

  1. That hand cream sound just lovely. My favourite things about autumn are free things, crunching through leaves and walks on bright cold days. I do like it when it seems acceptable to order a hot chocolate in a cafe though – people seem to find it weird in the summer months!

  2. I’m with you on socks which I wear year-round, & I’m with you on always being cold (I live in Alabama), & I’m with you on marking off a list by hand, rather than electronically…not nearly as satisfying!
    I believe Winter is my favorite season of all. We rarely have snow down here…but I love it. I love being able to see more deeply through the woods, and I love a good fire!

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