Weight Watchers Recap

I recently lost 15 pounds in seven weeks, on Weight Watchers. Here’s why and how I did it, and what it was like!

Why I Decided to Lose Weight

I’m an exercise-averse, mother in my early-40s. Oh, and I love good food. None of this bodes well for my waistline. I’ve actually noticed that my clothes have been shrinking for a while, but what really motivated me to lose weight now was my fear of facing my doctor at my next physical.

My husband and I have the same doctor, and we angrily jokingly refer to her as “the BMI Nazi”. (BMI = body mass index) Every year at our physicals, she calculates and reports our BMI. After getting by without any scolding in recent years, she berated me gently suggested that I should lose a few pounds. She said I wasn’t “technically overweight”, but noted that I had gained 12 pounds over the last four years. Gulp. (She’s incredibly petite, by the way.)

Why Weight Watchers

The concept behind Weight Watchers – and weight loss, in general – is simple: eat less and move more. In theory, I could just cut back and track my calories on my own, but in practice, it simply doesn’t happen. Just keepin’ it real, peeps.

I had lost 27 pounds with Weight Watchers about a decade ago, and remembered finding it quite easy and painless. I like the online-only option, since I don’t need the mentorship or social support. I really just need the framework and tools. (Structure is my middle name.)

What It Was Like

When I started, my goal was to lose 12-15 pounds. I’m about ten years older than the last time I did Weight Watchers, and this seemed like a more realistic goal. In addition to be younger the last time, I also hadn’t had a baby, yet, and I lived in NYC at the time, and walked A TON. Now I drive everywhere, and have a very sedentary job.

I’m really glad that I set this more realistic goal, because I had a much harder time this go-around. Basically, I was hungry – or at least very unsatisfied – the entire time. I was used to eating large portions of pretty much anything I wanted, so cutting back was a big shock to my system. I’m still traumatized by all the scrambled egg whites I ate in the first few weeks, and I never want to see unsweetened applesauce again!

Did I Cheat?

We took a quick weekend beach trip a couple of weeks after I started, and I wasn’t going to deny myself the pleasure of eating fried clams at the ocean! I also went out to eat a couple of times, and just tried to make sensible choices. For example, right before I hit my goal, the three of us went out to celebrate our anniversary. I started with a salad, ordered grilled salmon, took only a couple of bites of the accompanying mashed potatoes, and had only a couple of bites of the delicious dessert. So while I did technically cheat, I never went crazy or let loose completely. This is not because I’m virtuous, but simply because I wanted to get through the Weight Watchers torture plan, as quickly as possible.

I only had two, small bites of this delicious dessert!!

What Were My Results

I hit my goal of losing 15 pounds, and my clothes did start to fit more comfortably. In fact, my pre-Weight Watchers-size clothes are now loose, and I’ve had to purchase some things in a smaller size.

Moving Forward

I’m still weighing myself a few times a week, because I need to figure out how much I can eat to maintain my new weight. I’ve decided that I’m happy if I stay within a three-pound range, and so far that hasn’t been a problem. I do eat less than I used to, and I’m still measuring some things to control my portions. I have eased up on some things, like I no longer measure out the milk for my coffee. (Wild, I know.) I don’t snack very much anymore, and I think that makes a huge difference in my calorie consumption. Also, I’m not eating very many things that are technically “healthy”, but more calorie-dense, such as nuts and cheese.

This is working well for me now, but I’m a little concerned about the upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. I’m planning to maintain this more balanced approach, and hope that I can stay at my new weight without feeling too deprived.

Do I recommend Weight Watchers? Absolutely. It’s a clear and simple program, that’s great for people who like structure. Is it fun? Definitely not – but it works.

How have you lost weight in the past? Have you tried Weight Watchers? What did you think?

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8 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Recap”

  1. I’ve had success on Weight Watchers point system in the past. My mom is currently using WW and is down close to 20 pounds. They definitely have a system down, and support groups are good too.

  2. I’m very active but I was just thinking today how I’ll soon have so much candy sitting around!!!! And then the big eating holidays….

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Just keep at some of the tips!

  3. Weight loss is always a challenge. I should probably try WW. That’s awesome you lost 15 lbs. That is something to be really excited about. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. & motivating me to be more focused 😉

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