Monday Meal Plan #41

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

Weekend Update

I mentioned in last week’s meal plan post that my husband didn’t want the summer to end before he got in a little beach time. Since we had already taken a longer summer vacation, he researched the closest beaches to us, and landed upon Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, as our best option. Neither of us had been there, nor even heard much about it.

My husband got out of work early on Friday, and we headed out late that afternoon. We arrived at our hotel in Exeter after dark that night, and woke up early to maximize our day at the beach. While the beach itself is quite nice, the town of Hampton Beach is like a divey Jersey Shore town. We spent most of our time on the beach, though, so it didn’t matter much. We had decent, but overpriced lunch at Bernie’s Beach Bar, and at the end of the day, a delicious, casual dinner at Las Olas Taqueria. (I mentioned last week that I’m currently on Weight Watchers. Needless to say, I suspended my participation during our time away.)

Strange Interesting side note: Saturday happened to be Go Topless Day at Hampton Beach. It was pretty surprising the first couple of times we noticed participants, but thankfully they were pretty small in number.

We considered stopping back at the beach yesterday morning, but after spending seven hours there on Saturday, we had had our fill. Instead we stopped for lunch in Woodstock, VT, which is essentially the polar opposite of Hampton Beach, with its beautiful, historic buildings, and lovely covered bridges.

The Week Ahead

It’s my daughter’s final, full week of summer break! We have several things planned for the week: her Brownie troop’s visit to the county jail and 911 center; a few hours at work with my husband, while I have my annual mammogram; and a trip to the Great Escape, the local Six Flags venue. I may also bring her to my office, so she can see where I work. The students won’t be on campus yet, so it’ll still be relatively quiet in my office. (I return to work on September 19.)

My father-in-law is coming for a quick, overnight visit Saturday, as he and my husband have tickets for the Zac Brown Band concert at SPAC that evening.

And I’ll be getting back on-track with Weight Watchers today. This is my third week on it, minus the time I skipped last weekend.

This Week’s Meal Plan

A friend loaned me her Weight Watchers cookbooks, so in addition to grilling several nights, I’ll be trying some recipes from those books.

  • Monday: Grilled hot dogs and garden veggies (a WW meal for me)
  • Tuesday: Middle Eastern Beef Kababs (from Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook)
  • Wednesday: Grilled chicken and garden zucchini
  • Thursday: Pork with Ginger and Soy (from Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook) and rice
  • Friday:  Pasta with Broccoli and Goat Cheese (from – you guessed it! – Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook)
  • Saturday: My husband and father-in-law will grab something before the concert, so it’ll be a low-key dinner for my daughter and me.
  • Sunday: Grilled fish and garden tomato salad

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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  1. Your meal plan sounds pretty great and so does your day at the beach! I’m a fan of MyFitnessPal when I’m trying to lose weight. I think it works kind of similar to Weight Watchers with the calorie counting goals, etc.

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