Monday Meal Plan #35

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

Weekend Recap

After a wet and chilly spring, summer arrived here in upstate New York last weekend. Temps were in the upper 70s on Saturday, and hit the low 90s yesterday. What a strange spring we’ve had this year!!

On Saturday, my daughter went to Scout Day at the local Six Flags park, The Great Escape. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I consider it one of the circles of hell. Fortunately, a couple of my friends were going with their daughters, and they offered to take my daughter with them. They were there for about six hours, and I was grateful to them every, single moment of it. My husband and I used the time to run a few errands – farmers market, hardware store, and grocery store – and do some chores at home.

We knew yesterday’s high was going to be in the 90s, so we needed something appropriate to do with our daughter. Since the pools and splash parks in our area aren’t open yet, lakes were our only option. We chose Moreau State Park, which has a lake beach, walking trails, and a shaded playground. It was HOT on the beach, but we hung in there for a couple of hours. When we left around 1:30, the place was becoming a zoo.

The Week Ahead

This is my daughter’s final, full week of school before the summer. We don’t have many plans this week, since the end-of-the-year school events and spring extracurricular activities are over. These last couple of weeks, I’ve been picking my daughter up from school on Wednesdays, and taking her into town to visit the library and the farmers market.

Next weekend is my first 5K of the year – GULP – on Saturday. The run is a fundraiser for my daughter’s school, and she’s going to run the kids’ one-mile race. I haven’t been running as much as I should, but I know I’m capable of running the 5K distance, even if it’s at an embarrassing pace.

Next Sunday is Father’s Day, and my husband gets to choose how he wants to spend it. One idea that he’s been considering is visiting the Wild Center. I’ve never been there, but it’s on my list of must-do things for this summer.

This Week’s Meal Plan

As much as I dread meal planning and cooking, both feel much more manageable to me during the warmer months. Grilling is easy, requires little advanced planning, and is very flexible. We finally fired up our grill last weekend, and it was fantastic. Plus, fresh, delicious food is in abundance, and easy to acquire at farm stands and farmers markets.

I decided to cancel my Hello Fresh subscription, because I just didn’t find enough meals that appealed to me. (As someone who dislikes poultry, this is a problem I run into often.) Unfortunately, I missed the cut-off for this week’s delivery, so we’re stuck having three meals that I would never have chosen myself. (I also missed the deadline to change my default meal options.)

Here’s what’s for dinner at my house this week:

  • Monday: Blueberry pancakes w/ smoothies – brinner!
  • Tuesday: Grass-fed Vietnamese beef (from Nine Miles East)
  • Wednesday: Zesty crusted catfish w/ cilantro jasmine rice and roasted broccoli (from Hello Fresh)
  • Thursday: Chicken Parm salad w/ baby spinach and creamy lemon dressing (from Hello Fresh)
  • Friday: Herbs de Provence chicken w/ farro Caprese salad (from Hello Fresh)
  • Saturday: Shrimp and veggies on the grill
  • Sunday: Dad’s choice!

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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  1. I “ran” my first 5K last fall, and I decided there’s no such thing as an embarrassing pace. Speed will come.

    1. I love it! A million years ago, when I ran a marathon with Team in Training, one of the coach’s told us, “You’re there to complete, not to compete.” That’s my mantra on Saturday.

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