Monday Meal Plan #33

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Recap

It was an unseasonably cold weekend here in upstate New York, and this trend looks like it’s going to continue for the next week or so. I would’ve gladly traded the random seventy-degree days in February, for consistent, seasonable temperatures now!

Despite the chilly temps, I went for my third run slow jog on Friday. While it may not be pretty, I’m confident I’ll be able to survive my first 5K, coming up next month.

On Saturday, we ran a few errands, including picking up my car from the mechanic. I’m very happy to report that the air-conditioning is finally working. I’m less happy to report how much it cost to get it back in working order…

Saturday night, our daughter had a sleepover at a friend’s house. My husband and I decided to take advantage of the night alone, and went out to dinner. We ate at a fish restaurant, then went for a short walk. Since we had shared the chocolate globe dessert, we needed all the extra steps we could get!

Sunday was particularly chilly, so after picking my daughter up from her sleepover, I spend most of the rest of the day reading the paper and my current book, in sweats.

The Week Ahead

It’s going to be another quiet week for my family. My daughter has a Brownies meeting after school today, and gymnastics Thursday evening. She also has a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, for which I have to pick up a gift this week. (Speaking of which, I’ve officially transitioned from buying birthday presents for children, to gift cards. It’s easier than trying to figure out what they (a) want, and (b) don’t already have. Do you do this too, or do you think it’s too impersonal?)

Since I continue to enjoy the meal deliveries from 9 Miles East, I decided to get another one this week. I opt for the Meal Plan Plus, which includes a four-serving entrée, a soup, several salads, and two servings of grilled veggies with quinoa. The food lasts us all week, making it money well-spent in my book! **If you live in the Capital Region or the Boston-area and are interested in trying the 9 Miles East home meal delivery service, contact Adam (, let him know that Amy from My Upstate Life sent you, and you’ll save $10 on your first order.**

I’m also trying a different meal kit delivery service this week, Hello Fresh. I’ve had success using Blue Apron in the past, but unfortunately it doesn’t eliminate the need for me to prep the ingredients and cook them. (Yes, I hate cooking that much!) My sister has tried both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, and she found the latter to be simpler and to require less prep. I decided to give it a try using her referral code, which saved my $40 on my first order. As a result, I’m getting three, two-serving dinners for only $19.95. If you’d like to try Hello Fresh for a similar deal, just use this link.

This Week’s Meal Plan

Here’s what’s for dinner at my house this week:

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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