My Goals for 2017: Check-In #3

Some people are motivated by rewards. Some people are motivated by fear. Others are internally motivated. Me? I’m motivated by public shame. I do not want to be embarrassed, and that’s what typically gives me the push I need complete things.

It helped keep me focused when I trained for two marathons in my younger years. I joined Team in Training, which, in exchange for participants raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, provides coaching, support, and organized, group training runs. Those group runs were critical for me – in particular the weekly “long runs.” Knowing that I would be running 16 miles with a group on Saturday, helped keep me motivated to train on my own throughout the week. I knew I’d never be the first, but I really did not want to be the last person to finish the long runs.

What does this have to do with my 2017 goals? I’m going to use this motivation to help keep me on track with my goals. I’ll be sharing monthly check-ins on my progress to keep me focused, and as a form of accountability.

2017 Goals Check-In #3

(You can read more detailed descriptions of each of my goals here.)

Goal #1: Read at least 24 books that I truly want to read.

In March, I read A Separation, and The Happiness Project. I didn’t love either of them, although I enjoyed The Happiness Project more. This brings my total number of books read in 2017 to six. You can see all of my 2017 reads – current, past, and future – here.

Goal #2: Try at least three new (to me) activities, preferably active ones.

I researched a few options in March, but didn’t actually try any of them. (Unless you count giving up added sugar for a month!) My work schedule is much quieter in April, so I’m going to try an exercise class this month. Because I’m about as out of shape as one can possibly be, this kind of terrifies me…

Goal #3: Run at least three 5K races.

I’m not running yet, but I identified the three races I plan to run. The first is in May, so I better get going!! As one of my Team in Training marathon coaches told us, “Your goal is to complete, not to compete.” Yep!

Goal #4: Find a way to dread meal planning/cooking less.

I gave Blue Apron a try in March. This service delivers ingredients and recipes on a weekly basis. (Read my Blue Apron review here.) The meals were all good or great, and more “restaurant-quality” than what I usually make at home. I’m going to continue to dabble with Blue Apron, but since I still have to do the chopping and cooking, it doesn’t really solve my problem.

How are you doing with your 2017 goals/resolution?

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13 thoughts on “My Goals for 2017: Check-In #3”

  1. It’s amazing how easier it is to follow though on your goals when you put them out there for all the world to see. This is I defined a goal to be healthier, so I’m exercising more and eating better. I’m also participating in the Goodreads 2017 reading challenge.
    Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Reading wasn’t a goal of mine for 2017 but I’m finding that I’m reading a lot – which is always so restorative for me. I find making my goals public helpful as well. I started the blog to keep me accountable about my decluttering projects and it was really helpful. Good luck on running – I’m impressed that you’ve run 2 marathons at all. The longest I’ve run is a 10 miler and that was definitely a stretch goal! Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’m looking forward to running more in the Spring.

  3. I really loved hearing what motivates you to keep going after your goals. I also loved the post on goals period. It comes at a time I need to reset mine. I have had a few tramatic events happen since the new year and I never got the chance to till now. This post motivated me to finally get my focus back to do it. I like your goal too of the 24 books. I really didn’t realize I too want to read more so I am going to add that to my goals! So happy to find your blog via the Bloggers Pit Stop today!

  4. You have a nice variety of goals for the year. Using Blue Apron is a clever way of addressing your food goal. We signed up with Blue Apron too, but not every week. It’s definitely a way to improve one’s cooking skills while getting a delicious meal!

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