My No Added Sugar Month

This month, I’m cutting all added-sugar from my diet. I was inspired to do this when I read this New York Times article, which also mentioned the new book, The Case Against Sugar. I recently finished reading the book, and it further strengthened my resolve to try living without added sugars for a month.

Why Would I Do Such a Crazy Thing??

Some people quit sugar to lose weight, or because they think it’ll improve their energy level, or their overall health. These would be nice side benefits for me, but I’m not convinced they’ll happen, nor are they why I’m doing it. I’m doing it to raise my awareness of the prevelance of sugar in my diet, and the amount of it I consume. I’m just a couple of days into this challenge, and I’ve already learned a great deal.

The Ground Rules

Some people have asked if I’m following a specific program or plan, and the answer is no. I’m keeping it simple, and simply doing my best to eliminate all added sugar from my diet. I say, “doing my best,” because I know it’s possible that some things might slip past me, especially when I eat out. Other than that, these are the guidelines I’m following:

  • No added sugars of any kind.
  • Naturally occurring sugars, like those in fruit or dairy are fine.
  • No sugar substitutes, natural (honey, maple syrup, etc.), or otherwise (saccharin, aspartame, etc.).

What I’m Going To Miss Most

I like to think that I don’t usually have a high-sugar diet, but I’m learning that there’s more in it than I realized. My husband and I eat fully, or at least mostly, home-cooked dinners most nights, but our snacks, breakfasts, and lunches consistent of a fair amount of processed foods. (Our picky eater daughter is a different story. She eats far more processed foods than I’d like, but also gets lots of fresh fruits and veggies.) For example, I eat cold breakfast cereal or instant oatmeal about 75% of mornings. I also like to keep my work lunches simple, and bring the same things with me every day, many of which contain some added sugar.

Here are the things (I think) I’m going to miss the most this month:

  • Vanilla Stonyfield yogurt. Most days I eat one at breakfast and another at lunch, and I LOVE them. They’re not particularly sweet, but they do contain sugar.
  • Diet Coke. I usually drink one can a day, often in the evening, and I always really enjoy it.
  • Lean Cuisine meals. I bring one of these for my work lunch every day, and a number of varieties – though not all – contain sugar.
  • Bread. This one is very tough for me. I’m a carb-aholic, and bread is one of my very favorite sources. I’m exploring some options like pita and a locally made sourdough, and my fingers are crossed that they’ll be safe.

UPDATE: You can read how this month went here.

How much sugar is in your diet? Have you ever tried eliminating it? What did you miss most?

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12 thoughts on “My No Added Sugar Month”

  1. Good for you. I’ve been thinking about reducing refined sugar too, but keeping honey, real maple syrup, coconut sugar etc. Years ago I gave up diet pepsi for Lent. I used to drink a can everyday with lunch. I dropped from a size 8 pant to a 4-6 just from quitting diet soda. It is not good for you at all. I don’t drink diet soda ever and I have stayed in the size 4-6 range even after 4 kids and aging about 10 years.

  2. AWESOME! I did that for a year and I totally rocked it! I have a bit here and there now and I feel tired all the time! I should cut out sugar all over again!

    Keep it up! It works wonders!


  3. This is a really great challenge that I think we could all learn something from. I don’t think any of us realizes how much sugar we consume until we try to cut it out. When I was struggling with infertility, I did pretty much the same as this (except I was still allowed a small amount of honey), and I really did feel a lot better. And I got pregnant finally! (possibly a coincidence, but who knows)
    Thanks for linking up at The Pretty Pintastic Party! I’m excited to see how your journey goes!
    (PS– I really like your comment form! What plugin do you use for it?)

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