Monday Meal Plan #19

Happy Monday!!

Weekend Recap

Once again, I have little to report about my weekend – which is just how I like it! On Saturday, my husband took my daughter to gymnastics in the morning, and we went to meet with a new accountant during the afternoon. For our wild Saturday night at home, my husband and I watched an episode of our current show, The Americans. (We don’t have any form of cable or streaming, so we’re always way behind on the cool shows. We’re still in season one of this one, but I’m loving it!)

Sunday’s big highlights were finishing reading, I Am Not Myself These Days, and taking my daughter to a party for the book, Spy Ski School at our local bookstore. (See all of the books I’m reading in 2017 here.) Oh, and of course I sat down and put together this lovely meal plan – always a weekend highlight for me <insert eye roll>.

The Week Ahead

This is the first of two consecutive weeks when I’ll be working four days in row. (I hear you snickering, full-time working mothers!) I’m working Monday through Thursday both weeks. Other than that, my daughter has a Brownie’s meeting after school today, and on Tuesday evening, I’m attending a mindful parenting discussion led by the superintendent of our school district. (Attendees will receive a copy of the book, Every Blessings, and we’ll reconvene in March to discuss the book.) Of course, this may be complicated by the forecast for snow Monday night and into Tuesday. The last anticipated total I saw was five to eight inches, which means there will likely be a delay or snow day on Tuesday, which could lead to the cancellation of the district’s evening activities… And on Friday, it’s my turn to host my daughter’s weekly playdate with a couple of her friends. I’ll spend the day grocery shopping and cleaning the house in anticipation.

Meal Plan

I planned my grocery shopping trips poorly for this week. I did a produce run last Friday, and opted not to go over the weekend. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought about this week’s meal plan yet, and am therefore limited to what’s in our house for most of the week’s dinners.

  • Monday: Weeknight black bean chili w/ raw veggies
  • Tuesday: Spicy peanut noodles from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures w/roasted butternut squash
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: Probably a pizza…
  • Friday: Tortilla soup in the slow cooker (I planned to make this last week, but didn’t get to it.)
  • Saturday: Date night dinner out!
  • Sunday: Sautéed shrimp and veggies w/ jasmine rice

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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11 thoughts on “Monday Meal Plan #19”

  1. I am so glad to read that there are other families among us that first eat pizza, and second, eat leftovers. Since becoming a mom, WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO? 🙂 Someday I hope to make a fancier dish once a week, but for now, I am enjoying simple, but tasty meals, and pizza. BTW I would consider working 4 days a week full time. I work 5 days per week, but a lot of my medical friends work full time at just 3 days a week so give yourself more credit! 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love that you add leftovers into your meal plan – this is something I have to start doing. Thanks for linking up to the Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesday, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next week!

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