Monday Meal Plan #18

Happy Monday, and happy Martin Luther King Day!!

Weekend Recap

I just had my most uneventful weekend in a long time. After picking my daughter up from an after-school playdate on Friday, we had dinner at home, then watched the (awful) Shopkins movie. She and my husband had a sleepover that night, so I spent my alone-time creating this page for tracking my 2017 reading, then did a little magazine reading in a hot bath. (I’ve accidentally dipped corners of magazines into the tub water many times, so I don’t read books in the tub.)

I ran a couple of quick errands on Saturday and Sunday, and spent the rest of both days reading, listening to podcasts, and lying around. It was a great winter weekend!

The Week Ahead

I’m officially back at my job for the winter term! This is the busiest time of year in my office, so I’ll be working three and four-day weeks. This week is a three-day week. I’m working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My daughter is off from school today for MLK Day, but my husband is not. My daughter has another afterschool playdate on Friday, and she’ll be staying a bit later to have pizza and watch a movie with the host family. If my husband can get out of work a little early, we may try to grab a quick dinner out together.

Meal Plan

Between the holidays, school vacation, and our travel last week, I’ve been on something of a meal-planning hiatus. While I liked not having to sit down and rack my brain for dinner inspiration, I found myself staring at the fridge and wondering what on earth we could have for dinner many nights. (There were also a couple of nights when we had cereal for dinner – something I swore I would never do while I was a parent.) All of this is to say, it’s good to be back at it – sort of. Here’s what’s for dinner at my house this week:

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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