Monday Meal Plan #15

Monday Meal Plan

Weekend Recap

We had one of those blissful, quiet weekends at home. On Saturday, I took my daughter to a Brownies (Girl Scouts) masquerade party at the library. While she was there, I got coffee with the mother of one her friends. We hadn’t caught up in a while, so it was great to have a couple of hours together.

I didn’t leave the house on Sunday. I got a good amount of cleaning done, read some of my current book, and caught up on some important lounging.


Oh, and we ate way too much delicious crumb cake all weekend. I’m a huge lover of crumb cake and coffee cake – Is there a difference? – but I had never made them before. I tried the (easy) recipe in Martha Stewart Baking, and the cake is wonderful. (It should be. Between the cake and the crumb topping, there are almost five sticks of butter in the recipe.)

The Week Ahead

This week is going to be busier than usual. My daughter has a Brownies meeting until 5:30 tonight – thus, the quick and easy dinner I’m making. Tomorrow is the second grade holiday concert at 6pm. I understand why the school schedules the concert at this time, but, man, does it make for a hectic evening. My mother is coming up to attend the concert with us, and she’ll stay over tomorrow night. We’ll pick up a pizza on the way home from the concert. On Wednesday, my daughter’s Brownies troop is singing at our town’s Christmas tree lighting, making it a perfect leftovers night.

On Saturday, my parents are coming up for our Christmas celebration. Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at home, just the three of us, then drive to my husband’s family’s house in New Jersey on Christmas day. Since we don’t see my parents at any point during the Christmas holiday, we get together with them for an early Christmas celebration every year. We have a nice dinner and dessert together, then open our presents for each other. (We’re doing it a bit early this year, because my husband, my daughter, and I will be in NYC the weekend before Christmas.) This year I’m planning to make my Italian grandmother’s shrimp scampi recipe. She was a fantastic cook, and made big, delicious Sunday dinners for many, many years. I was thrilled when I found her hand-written scampi recipe, a couple of years after she died. I’ve meant to try it before, but haven’t, so a family gathering seems like a great time to make it.

Meal Plan

Here’s what’s on my dinner meal plan this week:

  • Monday: Pasta with garlic, tomatoes, and spinach (my vegetarian take on Ree Drummond’s Chicken Pasta Florentine)
  • Tuesday: (School concert at 6pm) Pizza and salad
  • Wednesday: (Town tree lighting at 7:30pm) Leftovers
  • Thursday: Beef burrito casserole (I didn’t get to this last week.)
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: (Christmas dinner with my parents) Grandma’s shrimp scampi w/pasta and green beans
  • Sunday: Baked ziti (Another one I didn’t get to last week)

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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