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I hate the cold. December through March, I just want to be inside, wearing layers, and drinking hot tea. One might reasonably wonder why, given this, I would choose to live in upstate New York. It’s something I ponder a bit every year, but I’ve lived without seasonal change in the past, and I greatly prefer living with the seasons, even winter. Over the years, I’ve developed some chilly temperature coping strategies that help me battle the cold, and stay warm throughout the winter. There are some of my favorites:

The best boots I’ve ever worn
  • Bogs Winter Plaid boots. I bought my first pair of these boots last month, and I am in LOVE. They’re 100% water-proof, insulated, and guaranteed to keep my feet warm at temps as low as -40 degrees. I also love that they’re slip-on, rather than needing to be tied. They’re incredibly warm and cozy, and they’ll be great in the winter snow and slush.
I never get cold with my down comforter
  • Down comforter. I bought my down comforter almost twenty years ago, and it’s still going strong. It’s so warm, I only use it during the coldest two or three months of the year. It’s machine washable, too, which is a huge plus to me. It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly which one I bought, but I know I got it from The Company Store.
Another layer for my legs
  • Smartwool socks. I’ve been wearing Smartwool socks for years, and I love how many different styles, patterns, and thicknesses they come in. Some are like down comforters for my feet, and others are a bit lighter. My favorites for winter’s deep freeze are these knees socks, which are basically an extra layer for my lower legs. (Bonus: Smartwool actually makes a wide variety of clothing, including girls’ leggings, which my daughter loves.)
Toasty warm when the temperature drops
  • Flannel sheets. Before the down comforter comes out, I put my flannel sheets on my bed. They’re super soft, and they warm it up a bit, without the extreme warmth of the comforter. I have this LL Bean set.
This keeps me warm at work.
  • Space heater. My office at work is in a small, old building.  It’s drafty and poorly insulated, and it’s freezing when I arrive in the morning in the winter. Thankfully, our department has several space heaters available for staff use, and I gladly put mine to use. It warms up quickly, and the heat level is adjustable. It’s also on wheels, which makes it easy to maneuver it around my small office, as needed.

How is winter where you live? What products help you manage the cold?

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Staying Warm”

  1. I live in the DC area so it gets cold but nothing like up north. It’s 40 degrees outside right now and I have a space heater warming my feet. I am such a wuss when it comes to cold weather. These are all really great tips thanks for sharing!!!

  2. My daughter (23) is just like you. Hates the winter. She starts getting cold in september and doesn’t warm up till April! all this stuff is right up her alley! thanks for great gift ideas!

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