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I’m not a stylish gal. In fact, if you showed up at my house unexpectedly, you’d find me wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt that I’ve had for at least a decade, and probably a sweatshirt or fleece, depending on the season. As soon as I return home from the outside world, I race to my closet, put away my “real” clothes, and get back into my at-home uniform. As I type this, I’m wearing those yoga pants, a t-shirt from my college, and a zip-up sweatshirt that I purchased at Walmart, to wear in my post-partum days. (My daughter will be seven next month.) Needless to say, I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, and some of the items I have were purchased during W’s administration.

A couple of years ago, as a not-so-subtle hint, my sister gave me a Stitch Fix gift card for my birthday. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a clothing and accessories subscription service. You sign-up, complete a detailed “style profile”, and set the frequency with which you’d like to receive your “Fix”. For a $20 “styling fee”, Stitch Fix sends you a box of five items, chosen for you, based on your style profile. You can purchase the items you want to keep – minus your $20 styling fee – and return the items you don’t want, using a prepaid mailer. If you decide to purchase all five items that you received, you get a 25% discount on everything.

I love the concept of Stitch Fix– a personal stylist picking out clothing items just for me, and sending them right to my door. I love trying clothing on in the comfort of my home, being able to try items on with shoes and other coordinating items that are already in my closet, and being exposed to brands and pieces that I’m not familiar with. All of these are major pluses of Stitch Fix in my book.

So what don’t I love about it? I found that my stylist didn’t always “get”me. For example, I live in a place where it’s cold close to six months of the year. There were some winter months when I received items that were way too lightweight for upstate New York winters, and I found this very frustrating. Also, there were times when I received items that were directly contrary to my Style Profile. For example, I’m not a fan of lace, yet I’ve received more than one piece of clothing that featured lace.

At one point, I was so frustrated with a particular Fix, I sent an email to the Stitch Fix customer service department, and requested a refund of my styling fee. I received the refund, but was advised that I should start a Pinterest board to share with my stylist, so she could get a better feel for my taste. I despise Pinterest, and I’m certainly not going to join it just for my Stitch Fix stylist. Besides, I completed the detailed style profile when I joined, and I always provide feedback on every single item I return.

When these things happen, I usually adjust the frequency of my Fixes, or take a break from Stitch Fix for a few months. But I really like having stylish, affordable clothing items delivered right to me, and some of my favorite clothing items have come from them. So – despite our ups and downs – I’m sticking with Stitch Fix for now.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience like?

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  1. Never hear of stitch fix. I don’t think I’ll mention to my wife. 🙂 Lace clothing doesn’t seem to make sense in upstate NY. Instead of pintrest, you should have your stylist make a trip to NY say Jan/Feb to get a good feeling for what you need.

  2. I wonder why you “despise” Pinterest. I love to be able to save ideas and inspiration in one spot. I pin items every day for future reference. As for Stitch Fix, I’ve had a lot of luck with it. I do it seasonally, one fix for every season and that seems to work for me. I don’t need that many clothes to do it more often than that, plus I find it pretty pricey and I couldn’t afford to do it more. I’ve had the same stylist for several years now. I’ve had a few items I kept that later regretted keeping. I had to return one item because after I washed it according to manufactures instructions, it shrunk. I expect that out of a Walmart shirt, but not a top I spent $48 on. Other than that, most items/fixes I received I enjoyed.

    1. I find Pinterest to be a black hole, meaning I get sucked in, spend too much time looking around, and end up feeling very uncreative. It’s bad for my psyche. 🙂

      Getting a Fix each season is a great idea!

  3. So I actually haven’t tried Stitch Fix (even though I was really intrigued by it) because I really enjoy shopping and I didn’t need someone to take that away from me! I could also see myself keeping items I didn’t like just so that I felt like the styling fee was worth it, or agreeing to take all 5 even when I don’t truly like them to get the 25% off.

  4. I’ve never tried StitchFix but always love reading StitchFix posts! 🙂 It seems like it really depends on the stylist you get (and if you get the stylist again if you really like her). I think it’s an interesting concept and good for pushing people a bit out of their comfort zone. I also like the idea of being able to try on the clothes at home with what you already have. Plus the styling cards seem handy. I guess I know a lot about it for never having tried it… 🙂

  5. I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix (maybe it’s not in Canada?) but I don’t think it would be good for me. I don’t trust myself when it comes to shopping. I’m too prone to buy what I don’t need when the offer is right there. Having things arrive at my door? Yikes. Not a good idea for me.

    1. I can see how that could be a problem. I like having the items come to my home, because then I can honestly evaluate if I already have something similar, if it goes with what I have, etc.

  6. I love this post! I am just like you, I hate trying on clothes in the store. The mirrors allow you to see all sides, but they are so unflattering. UG! By the time I’ve removed my shoes, pants, jacket, shirt, and see myself bending and tugging, I’m so done with seeing all my bumps and bulges that it would take a miracle for an item of clothing to look good enough to buy!

    Stitchfix seems like the perfect solution! Hopefully your stylist will “get” you soon, trying on clothes in your own environment is so much more comfortable and real!

  7. Just heard about Stitch-Fix the other day, and now reading your review… Sounds like I’m gonna have to try them out!
    Heading over from Coffee and Conversation last week – thanks for sharing this over there!

  8. Stitch Fix can definitely be hit or miss, but I really love the pants in particular that they have sent me. If you are really opposed to Pinterest, my one suggestion would be to leave feedback for each piece of clothing you don’t like and don’t use negatives if possible. I read that their system can’t determine that it’s a negative, so if you say “no lace”, that may be why you are getting lace items. Maybe just say what you do want. Like heavy sweaters.

  9. Thanks for this post! I’ve been intrigued by StitchFix for awhile, but wondered about the downsides – you’re speaking to the sort of issues I’d have, and that actually helps me to take the plunge eyes open. 🙂

  10. I did Stitch Fix for a while. I loved it for all of the reasons you said. But my middle aged body wasn’t a good fit for many of the styles. I did do the Pinterest Board and will so most of what was sent were things that I liked. It was just the fit that wasn’t right for me. Thanks for sharing on #overthemoon

  11. I’m new to Stitch Fix. I may be in the honeymoon phase, but I’m loving it. I don’t really care for their prices, however. My first box was good, but my second box was a HOME RUN. The difference between that time was me adding more details, a picture, and Pinterest boards to my profile, I think it helped.
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH

  12. I’d try stitch fix but, I’m a size larger than they go. I love Pinterest but, I hear you about not wanting to make a board after letting your stylist know your style. I’d love to try Stitch Fix or something like that. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Party.

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