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Although we still have a couple of weeks left before the official start of fall, it’s definitely upon us. Here in upstate New York, there are many things to love about this season. These are some of my fall favorites:

Celebrations. We have a lot to celebrate in the fall. In addition to the Thanksgiving and Halloween holidays, my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (11 years!) in October, and our daughter will turn seven at the end of October, too.

Gorgeous colors. This is kind of a no-brainer. In a couple of weeks, the leaves will start turning brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Plus, there will be mums and pumpkins everywhere we look,which only adds to the colorful beauty.

Cider donuts. The proliferation of cider donuts is clearly one of the best things about fall, in my humble opinion. Seriously, is there anything better than picking up a grease-stained bag of warm, cinnamon sugar-crusted cider donuts on a crisp fall day??

Return of baking weather. I really enjoy baking, but I generally take a hiatus from it during the summer. It’s already pretty hot, and I can’t bear to fire up the oven on most days. But by early fall, temperatures are cool enough to start making cookies, muffins, and other baked goodies on a regular basis, again.

Decorations. I love all of the pumpkin, acorn, apple, and gourd goodies that proliferate come September! The Saturday when our family goes to the local nursery to pick out pumpkins of every color and shape, Indian corn, and mums for our front steps, is an annual highlight!

Apples. Crunchy, juicy, delicious, and healthy?? Sign me up! Of course I particularly enjoy them candied and in pies and crisps, but surely they retain some of their health benefits in these forms… right??

Smell of wood fires. We don’t use our wood-burning fireplace (mainly because it’s very energy inefficient), but I adore the smell of wood-burning fires. Starting in late September, the smell seems to be everywhere outside.

Cozy clothes. While I don’t like winter’s freezing temperatures, I’m a wool-sweater-and-long-pants kind of gal. Each year is a little different, but usually by mid-October, my wardrobe has been completely switched over, and the cozy clothes are back in rotation.

A brief respite. Our highest electric bills of the year always come over the summer, when the air conditioning is in use. In the winter, we have propane bills for heating our house. But in the fall – at least until we change the clocks and the darkness descends upon us – we get a couple of months of relatively low electric and propane bills.

A fresh start. The start of a new school year energizes me, and gets me excited about becoming organized and scheduled, again. I implement systems, fill storage bins, and test new organizational tools. What can I say: I love structure!

What are some of your favorite things about fall?

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29 thoughts on “My Fall Favorites”

  1. I’m a fan of the cooler weather and a chance to open windows. No A/C and heat for a bit sounds good to me. Falls always marks football season. Which is my favorite sport. Bitter sweet this year as my son may play his last year as a high school senior.

  2. Such a great list! I really love summer and sometimes have a hard time letting go, especially when the pool closes for the season 🙁 But thinking about these wonderful Fall things makes me look forward to the coming season!

    1. I hear you about having a hard time letting go of summer, but school started today, so I guess it’s time for me…

  3. We have a wedding coming up in October, and I think it’s going to be beautiful. My niece is tying th knot, and it’s the first wedding of the next generation in our family. The ceremony will take place out in the country, outside overlooking a lake (if it doesn’t rain, that is). My mom is going to be the officiant. Fall is all about this wedding for me this year : )

  4. I’m north of you — in Maine — but we have a lot of the same traditions. Right now, I’m reveling in the season of sunflowers, knowing that eventually that first frost will come and they will be just a memory!

  5. Love your list of fall favorites – those all rank right up there for me – except for baking – probably because I don’t do any. But I think one of my favorite things about fall is the smell of burning wood and leaves and the clothes – so, yes, everything you listed! Thanks for sharing – #SHINEBlogHop

  6. We are enjoying the start of fall. My all time favorite is using the fireplace! I always look forward to lighting the first one of the season. Thanks for sharing your list of fall favorites with us at Brag About It! Happy to have you sharing with us this week!

  7. i love Autumn. The vibrant colors,the cool ,crisp weather and the almost end to all the bugs. Decorating for Fall is fun with all the colorful decorations. Buying pumpkins ,pears and apples. Everything is just nicer in Fall.

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