Summer Behavior Plan

My daughter is very well-behaved. I don’t say this to brag or take credit, because I really can’t; it’s just who she is. She’s very rule-bound and risk-averse – both of which are generally good personality traits, but pose challenges, too.

Despite her typically good beahvior, there are a few things I’ve literally been telling her to do FOR YEARS, to no avail. These include:

  1. Sit correctly at the dinner table.
  2. Bring your dishes into the kitchen when you finish a meal or snack.
  3. Clean up after yourself, before moving onto another project or activity.
  4. Tidy your room every day.
  5. Put your clothing/pajamas away or into the laundry after you take them off.

With summer vacation beginning next week, I’m thinking about things I’d like to accomplish before September. Getting my daughter to make habits out of these behaviors is at the top of that list. As a result, I’ve been thinking about a plan for doing so, that will also keep frustration and conflict to a minimum.  I found some good ideas here, and I’m sure Pinterest is full of great ideas, too. Ultimately, I opted to borrow what my daughter’s kindergarten and first-grade teachers used for classroom behavior. They each had a glass bowl into which pom-poms were placed whenever a student or group of students was “caught” behaving well. I like this idea because it rewards – and hopefully reinforces – good behavior, rather than punishing bad behavior.

I’ll also have an accompanying prize bin, filled with dollar-store type items. When my daughter receives 10 pom-poms, she can choose a prize from the bin. She’s strongly motivated by rewards, so I think this will work well for us. I told her about it last night, and she liked the idea. She even suggested adding a “grand prize” reward for the end of the summer. That would involve tracking pom-poms earned throughout the entire summer, which may be more than I want to take on, but I’ll keep thinking about it…

Do you have summer behavior goals for your kid(s)? What are your favorite positive reinforcement systems?

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5 thoughts on “Summer Behavior Plan”

  1. I’m here! I followed you!
    So, funny you should write about this topic because just this week we started a chart to “catch” my son’s (he’s 5) positive behaviors. I drew 10 balloons on a big piece of paper, and every time we “catch” him he gets to write his name in a balloon. 10 balloons = something special (to be determined).

    Glad you are still blogging!

    1. Thanks, Kara – me, too!! I’m so glad you followed!

      We’ll have to compare notes on how the positive behavior management goes this summer…

  2. We have been really working on my 5.5 year old (that 0.5 is important) – trying to have her remember to take her dishes to the kitchen and my husband really wants her to tell me thank you for all the waiting on her I seem to do in the evening (momma, I need water. I need a snack. Where is my iPad? I need another snack.) I don’t know that we have a specific plan, but seeing how Kara is following suit, I probably need to think of a more coordinated plan of attack!

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